Posting Rules


  •  Items or business must be baby, children and teen-related only.
  • Advertisements must be for marketing purposes only.

 Description of Advertisement

  • Describe item clearly
  • Your advertisement description should inform potential buyers clearly of what is being offered.
  • Advertisements should not contain links to other marketplaces, classifieds, and auction sites. However, you may place links that are relevant to your ad.
  • Advertisements that could be perceived as offensive are not allowed.
  • Select the category which the most relevant to your ad.
  • Users may only post in English.


  • Only one advertisement for each item from one account. Posting the same item under multiple accounts is not allowed. Product variations (e.g. sizes) should be mentioned in the description and not posted as separate advertisements.

Counterfeit Products

  • Forged and pirated goods are not allowed.


  • You may post up to 5 photos for each advertisement.
  • Only photos of the products may be posted. No picture of the company logo is allowed except for postings related to the service industry.
  • The following images are not allowed:
    • Contains promotional words
    • Contains provocative or offensive content
    • Bad quality, too small and unclear
    • Contains contact details
    • Copied and used without consent
    • Collage images

Illegal Goods and Services

  • Any goods or services that are prohibited by Kenyan law are prohibited reserves the right to request advertisers to amend content of advertisements. Inaccurate information and unsuitable advertisements may be removed without notice.